Main topics of the 8th Bulgarian-Austrian Seminar

Hydrological Hazards and Related Problems

include (but not limited with) the following:

  • Methodologies for the Forecasting and Prevention of Hydrological extreme events
  • Effects of Climate Change and Land-Use/Land-cover Change/ Human Anthropogenic Activity on the Hydrological Extremes
  • Floods and Droughts Management
  • Strategies for Reducing the Vulnerability to Hydrological Extremes
  • Structural and Nonstructural Mitigation of Hydrological Extremes
  • Early Warning and Forecasting Systems for Hydrological Extreme events
  • River Erosion and Hydraulic Problems
  • Hydrological Risk Assessment of Old Dams and Facilities
  • Emerging Technologies in Data Analysis, Hydroinformatics, and Climate Informatics
  • Case studies